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Imagine, you’re standing on the seabed at 20 metres (60 feet) below the surface and looking up at a pod of Humpback Whales...


Whale Song is a life sized work of art devoted to the truly remarkable, and not often seen, Humpback whales which transverse our coast each year. The mission of this public art project is to tell the whales stories and enlighten people about the marine environment and how to look after it.

Whale Song Information Centre

Please visit us in Coastlands Mall to find out more about the progress of the project.

Kapiti Coast District Council

"World-wide and throughout history, cultural and artistic offerings have proven to improve the economy and build the prosperity of towns and cities. As Kāpiti grows and matures, we need to build our creative offering. This project promises to deliver that in a bold yet appropriate way."

Kāpiti Mayor Janet Holborow

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