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Impossible to possible

The Financial Donors/Sponsors listed below have generously donated funds and resources to the Whale Song Charitable Trust.

If you would like to become a supporter of Whale Song we would like to hear from you. There are many sponsorship, legacy and one-off donation opportunities available. If you would like to contribute to our Give a Little campaign you can follow the link below. If you would like to discuss our other options please get in touch.



Sponsorship can be provided in many different ways and for different aspects of the installation and can include (but not limited to) individual whales, the poles holding the whales, park seating, benches, bridges and plantings.


A Plaque wall is to be installed on site at completion of the sculpture, listing donors’ names or company logos that have generously contributed to Whale Song.


The plaque wall will be highly visible and identifiable by visitors but not detracting from the whale sculptures.


For larger donations, naming rights to access paths, vantage points and the entire sculptural installation is still available.

Sponsorship Categories


The Whale Song Trust is a registered charity so any
sponsorship is eligible for a 33% IRD tax rebate.

Limited Edition Artist Proof

For the generous donation of NZ$25,000 or more to the Whale Song Project, the donor will receive one limited edition, wood mounted artists proof, bronze Whale Song maquette. For donations over $500, the donor will receive one limited edition, wood mounted 3D printed, artists proof Whale Song maquette.

Donation Whale copy_edited.jpg

Legacy Funding

Leaving a legacy means not only finding your own fulfilment, but also inspiring others to achieve great things.

Leaving a legacy must be meaningful and unique to you and will speak volumes about you.


Private and corporate contributors will make the Whale Song sculpture a reality.

No ratepayer funds shall be used.


Various legacy and sponsor investment opportunities will provide funding that would also remove the need for government grants (Taxpayer Funding).


The project budget is $12 million (per Dec 2022 budget based on a two-year completion timeline) for construction and installation of the whales, groundworks and landscaping as well as funds for the development of stories and educational programmes.


The Trust has received substantial promissory notes totalling $600,000, payable on acquiring the balance of funds for the creation of Whale Song.

Thank You!

The Whale Song Trust would like to sincerely thank and recognise the generous support from our financial donors plus the many smaller donations and generous assistance being made by members of our community.

Financial Donors

Promissory notes
Bronze marquette donations

Totaling $600,000, of which $300,000 is a donation from Jamie and Ann Selkirk

Richard P Mansell

Full Financial Accounting and Advisory

ASB Bank

Anneke Borren

P Erskine

Carole Sweney

Anonymous & cash donations

Coastlands Lab, Give a Little & Whale Song trust fundraising


Named donations $1,000 +

Coastlands Shopping Town              $10,000
Kapiti Coast Airport Holdings          $10,000
Ngahina Developments                     $5,000
Barry Clevely                                     $2,674            
Kapiti Lions Club                               $2,333
Sculpture Symposium Trust              $2,000
MA & PA Zeeman                              $1,323
Dr Christine Coulter                          $1,500
Paul & Charlie Thompson                 $1,500
PG & KE Nouata                               $1,500
J E Holborow                                    $1,000
John Holden                                     $1,000
Kris Kroger                                        $1,000
Nikau Foundation                              $1,000
Brian & Dianne Shearer                     $1,000

Liz Koh.                                             $1,500

Ian Burtt                                            $2,500

running total  $ 695,954

Working With the Best Partners and Sponsors

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