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What are the benefits?


Community Benefits

  1. Whale Song will provide an opportunity for today's youth and their future children to learn from this project and be able to pass these skills and information on.

  2. New gathering space for the local community.

  3. Inspiration to our future generations through school visits and associated projects. 

  4. Increased promotion of our region’s biggest asset; Kapiti Island

Tourism Benefit

Being visible from the new expressway will lead to an increase in tourism to the area with those travelling on the expressway exiting into Paraparaumu to experience “Whale Song."


This sculpture will add a significant tourism addition to the region’s attractions, evidenced by large sculptural installations elsewhere. This will in fact be one of New Zealand’s largest sculptural installations with obvious links to Kapiti Island and the “not often seen by the public” whales that regularly traverse our coastline.

Lonely Planet has named New Zealand in the Top 10 countries to visit in 2018.

The travel authority describes New Zealand as "a wildly exciting place, where the best adventures are experienced under your own steam."

From Tourism New Zealand website

Kapiti Region


The district's population at the June 2016 census was 52,100. Kapiti continues to be one of the fastest growing districts in the Wellington region.

The Kapiti region’s transport infrastructure has seen significant recent upgrades with rail and new rolling stock, the opening of the McKays to Peka Peka Expressway, the in-progress Transmission Gully project and the Peka Peka to Otaki Expressway extension.

Paraparaumu airport is now working closely with Air Chathams and other operators, providing regular flights to/from Auckland, Nelson and Blenheim.

Each of these initiatives continue to add to the region's future growth and have made the region easier to visit and more of a destination than ever.

Economic Benefits

We believe the economic benefits of Whale Song to both the district and region would be significant. This is particularly so if the project is viewed in the context of other key visitor and heritage developments being undertaken or considered in the district.

An example, are those planned by the Kapiti U.S. Marines Trust with the establishment of a world class tourism facility in QEII Park, the proposed Kapiti Island Interpretation/Visitor Centre along with upcoming town centre upgrades.

  1. “Whale Song”, visible from the expressway, would create a huge “branding” and “attraction” opportunity for Paraparaumu.

  2. “Whale Songs” location could be marketed as the “centre of the Walk/Cycleway”, bringing locals and visitors closer to local shopping and eateries.

Wondering how it will be funded? Find out more here.

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