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About Whale Song


Whale Song

Seven life-sized humpback whales in a composition for our children, art, enjoyment, science, preservation, the environment, education...

Kāpiti Artist, Mike Fuller’s, Whale Song is an inspirational public sculpture and community education project proposed for the Kāpiti Coast region. This large sculptural installation comprises of a family of seven life-sized Humpback whales swimming in pod formation, suspended over the one acre site.

Whale Song is a reflection on Kāpiti’s proximity to the coast, Kapiti Island, early whaling and the surrounding marine environment. By engaging with these incredible creatures of the sea, visitors will better understand the need for marine conservation, ensuring a thriving ocean and a healthy planet for future generations.

These public art works will also enhance the wider Wellington region’s reputation as the 'Arts Capital of New Zealand' and add to the 'sense of place' for locals and visitors to the area. Whale Song will act as a wayfinder for those domestic and international visitors travelling the expressway, drawing them into the community, adding significantly to Paraparaumu’s identity and continued economic resilience.

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