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Kāpiti deputy mayor Janet Holborow wins auction featuring sculptured whale's tail

The Whale Song project has a few more dollars in the fundraising kitty after the auction of a sculptured whale's tail.

Kāpiti Coast District Council district-wide councillor Angela Buswell created a carving of a whale's tail out of Oamaru stone and donated it to the project for a fundraising auction.

Her colleague Janet Holborow, who is the district's deputy mayor, was the winner after people's bid amounts were removed from a box in the project's information centre in Coastlands.

Whale Song project aims to build a life-size sculpture park in a prime Paraparaumu location featuring seven humpback whales.

The bronze sculpted whales, sitting on top of wind turbine-type poles, would range in size up to 24m.

"I'm very happy to have been able to acquire this wonderful sculpture at the same time as being able to support the Whale Song project," said Holborow, whose bid was $1000.

"I love how Angela's piece gives the impression of movement and expresses the grace and beauty of a whale in the water, while the viewer is left to imagine the rest of the whale below the surface."

Holborow was enthusiastic about the Whale Song project.

"Whale Song is an example of a project where the process has so much value as well as the end product.

"There are so many opportunities for the community to be involved and part of the project, sharing in the vision.

"When it's completed, it will be a destination and attraction of international significance."

"Whales are really important in the history of Kāpiti, and we can learn so much from the mistakes of the past, when so many whales were slaughtered in our local waters."

Buswell said it was a pleasure to create the humpback whale tail for the project.

"The Oamaru stone lends itself to beautiful natural forms.

"I already have a collection of carved shells in my garden from previous carving workshops.

"Many artists throughout Kāpiti have gifted their work for charity and fundraisers to show support.

"This may not have raised the millions needed for this amazing project but I feel happy to have contributed in what I see to be a fitting way.

"The Whale Song is a very significant project for our district which will become a national icon.

"This will add to our visitor attraction and our destination story. Thank you to Marco Zeeman for running a great auction."


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