No ratepayer funding shall be used

The investment

The budget is $6.5 million for the construction of the whales. Funds for the development of the stories and education programmes, the construction of secure, on-site interpretation and storyboards have yet to be determined.

Budgets and an engineering report are available and a site-specific feasibility assessment is currently underway with the first report in our hands, by engineering firm BECA NZ Ltd. A publicly-notified resource consent would be required from Kapiti Coast District Council and the Trust is working closely with the Mayor and council officers to streamline that process.

Funding sources


The trust’s position in realising this exciting sculptural installation is that no ratepayer funds shall be used. It is envisaged that Whale Song will be funded in the following ways:

Private investors are being sought to enable this project to move forward with funding for concept and story development, feasibility, detailed costings and consents, plus potential for;

  • The provision of land for placement of “Whale Song.”
     *Through the generous support of the Ngahina Development Ltd this key item has been been secured. A 100+ year perpetual lease has been signed on the one acre site as described earlier in this document.

  • Naming rights over the sculpture

  • Founding Donors - Donate $10,000 or more and receive a limited edition Whale Song Marquette

  • Lotteries Significant Grants fund

  • Provincial Growth Fund

  • Seeking contributions from philanthropists with a connection to, or deep interest in, the area, whales or conservation.

  • Legacy gifting – for those wanting to leave a long term legacy for the region.

  • Donations or services in kind from and through local businesses

  • Merchandising – some examples below

  • Donation of commercial space (e.g. warehouse, hangar, land with temporary building) for the duration of the construction

  • Collection of aluminium by the community and from Council’s waste collection

  • Sponsorship arrangements for

-  insurance 

-  utilities
-  vehicle
-  tools

-  construction and materials
-  legal – Many thanks to Kapiti Law
-  accounting – Many thanks to Deans and Associates

-  web production and other marketing services

  • Wages offset by employing labouring staff through TaskForce Green or other subsidised programmes.

  • Community fundraising – for example, Humpback ‘piggy banks’ in retail outlets; merchandising

  • Seeking grants from arts bodies, community trusts

For further information or if you are wanting to discuss joining us on this exciting journey,

please contact us.

Te mohio o to moana, o nga tangata me to raatau ki te oranga ora i runga i te whenua

“Awareness of our ocean, its inhabitants and their importance to sustainable life on earth”


Nga uri whakaongaonga o te heke mai

“Inspiring future generations”

Whale Song Brochure

Whale Song Market Assessment

Whale Song information booklet

The Archaeology of NZ Shore Whaling

Economic and Social Benefits of Public Art

Wellington Sculptural Highway Examples/Inspiration

The Big Picture

Economic Argument for WHALE SONG Tourism

Independent Capability Report - Nov 2018

Executive Summary

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